HeadsUp displays arbitrary command output on your OSX desktop.

It's just like watch, refreshing once a minute.

(Alternatively, it aims to be a simpler version of GeekTool—indeed, you may want to check out these example scripts for ideas.)

The code is freely available on GitHub—contributions welcome!

HeadsUp 0.9

Wednesday, December 8, 2010.

Download HeadsUp-0.9.dmg.

HeadsUp is now a standalone application!

If you have the old preference pane installed, you’ll probably want to remove it first.

There’s more to come. I’d like to make an option to disable the status menu item, and to re-enable starting HeadsUp at login. For now, though, it’s time to ship it!


  • HeadsUp is a standalone application, not a preference pane.
  • No more RubyCocoa, just straight-up Objective-C.
  • Option to start at login temporarily removed.
  • Font changed from Monaco to Menlo.