HeadsUp displays arbitrary command output on your OSX desktop.

It's just like watch, refreshing once a minute.

(Alternatively, it aims to be a simpler version of GeekTool—indeed, you may want to check out these example scripts for ideas.)

The code is freely available on GitHub—contributions welcome!

HeadsUp 0.2.0

Friday, January 30, 2009.

Download HeadsUp-0.2.0.dmg.

This release sees a cleaner UI in the preference pane and automatic text window resizing.

After updating, you should stop and start HeadsUp.


  • Window sizes are now completely based on (and refreshed with) their text contents; no more string-padding / right-alignment hacks!
  • Start/Stop now also sets/forgets Start at Login. (No sense having 2 things to click when 1 will suffice.)
  • Removed option for automatic Sparkle updates. (Chose a default: they’re turned off.)